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don’t you hate it when the guy you want to be friends with only sees you as a romantic interest and you get RomanceZoned

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SM are fucking up in all kinds of ways. First the cancellation of f(x)’s promotions and debuting Red Velvet and now we realise they have subliminal messages in the Happiness MV.

Wow! As if it wasn’t bad enough that a lot of people are angry with SM and now this. The newspapers were bad enough, but no, they couldn’t leave at that. Let’s throw in some pictures of 9/11 and the London bus bombings…

This makes it even more believable that they brought f(x) back for the hype of this new group. Just so people will start talking about them. If they are cheap enough to do that, then I really do believe they’re more desperate for publicity for Red Velvet than I thought.


why am i only motivated to sort my life out at 3am

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Anonymous asked: Hey Beckii, I need some advice on a bullying situation! I have three close friends, one of which I am dating. My boyfriend and another guy started talking behind my back and my boyfriend said that he'd rather not tell me, involved group of bullies who had harassed us before. Thursday, my friends reported him for what they'd been discussing, but all he gets is scolded. It turns out this group had been planning to kill me with a screwdriver, calling me ugly and retarded too etc. What do I do????


christ!?!!?! ok i would get the police involved, that is a serious threat to your safety, when you hear things like that, that is the exact correct time to tell the police. to do that, you either go into your local station and ask to talk to an officer about a threat to your safety, and ask them to take down a statement for you. doesn’t matter if ‘it was just a joke’, doesn’t matter one bit. things like that need to be treated seriously.

once you’ve done that, get yourself 10,0000 miles the heck out of that relationship, what kind of dreadful ‘boyfriend’ would ever be as horrendous as that. i say go the the police before breaking up with them, because if he’s on the wavelength that he thinks it’s okay to talk about literally killing you, he is a nasty piece of work and unpredictable, and it’s best to have as much awareness about the situation as possible beforehand. 

honestly, i would get yourself away from those ‘friends’. anybody who was involved in that conversation. point blank cut them out of your life. do you want to be friends with such horrible people? you deserve so much better. the transition may be difficult, but it will be worth your while and there is no need for you to exist in that toxic environment.